Business Modules


Contract Management

Build contracts and track versions hassle-free.

You can facilitate the management of contracts, providing automation for such tasks as document tracking, revision tracking, accounting entry generation, and payment plan updates with built-in accounting.


Procurement Management

Manage your procurement processes with automated cost tracking.

You can easily monitor all activities of the procurement process, tracks the related documents and approval mechanisms.

Purchase orders can be sent online to vendors covering all or a selection of (partial ordering) equipments. All purchases are reflected automatically to the current accounts and accounting.


Insurance Policy Management

Save time on the management of insurance policies and payments.

Insurance Policy Management enables easy tracking of insurance processes, the related insurance parties and costs for each transaction.

The insurance team is notified of the upcoming insurance requirements, upcoming payments on and/or before the payment dates online. LeaseFlex automatically calculates the insurance payments and the commissions. The collaterals are monitored online and all related accounting entries are booked automatically.


Management of Payment Plans

Carry out your cost finalization and payment plan revisions effortlessly.

It allows you to easily manage payment plans over the lifecycle of the lease and equipment finance, including monitoring of realized costs and payment plan revisions.

All the information needed for cost finalization and payment plan revisions is accessed online. With tools for partial activation of the payment plan, management of late payment charges and insurance policies, and integration with built-in accounting, LeaseFlex significantly shortens the processes for payment plan management.


Current Accounts

Carry out your cost finalization and payment plan revisions effortlessly.

Manage your collections and payments online

As soon as the payment and collection dates are finalized, they are automatically posted to the Current Accounts, enabling central tracking and management of all payments and collections.

  • - Billing and Collection
  • - Supplier Invoices and Payments
  • - Third Party Invoices


Efficiently Carry out accounting behind operations.

It enhances management of current accounts and accounting. It automatically carries out the accounting behind each operational transaction, increasing efficiency and eliminating human errors.

The accounting entries are automatically booked at each stage of the credit cycle without a need for manual intervention in the later stages.


Funding and Management of Financial Instruments

Manage your funding needs based on expected cash flow.

Enables easy follow-up of all funding and investing activities of lessors including those related to bank loans and financing instruments. Provides reporting on financing needs based on expected cash flow.


Document Management

Manage to share between business units, storing of documents, their versioning and archiving error free.