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Asseco South Eastern Europe is a leading provider of banking software solutions in the region. We are present in 13 countries and more than 64 banks in SEE run on our core banking system – even more are using our digital solutions, such as web and mobile banking.

Asseco SEE has a deep understanding of banking and digital transformation. We were one of the first vendors to offer banks all of their digital channels under one hub – making isolated silos and complex data processing a thing of the past. We can help you streamline your banking processes and give customers a seamless experience across all of your channels. From core banking to channels, business intelligence, payment and cards system, Asseco SEE is a vendor that gets the banking business and processes fully.

  • 4th Generation of Software for Financial, Equipment and Operational Leasing
  • Built on Rhapsody Framework, enables compliance with COBIT audit standards
  • Rhapsody Framework provides advanced tools for customization without coding
  • Web based technologies, enabling building an Ecosystem with Dealer Channels, Bank Branches