LeaseFlex By Asseco

Challenge: Enhance Risk Management

How can Leasing Companies Address This Issue?


Achieve 360 degree comprehensive risk forecasting

Built on industry best practices and with options for customization, Risk Monitoring provides you with all the reports you need to monitor the risk of your lease portfolio, taking into account collaterals and provisions.

LeaseFlex provides an infrastructure to monitor and manage risks throughout the lifecycle of lease and equipment finance contracts.

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Challenge: Maximize the performance of your sales team

How can Leasing Companies Address This Issue?


Sales Management: For improved monitoring of your sales activities...

Your sales team can utilize pre-defined questions for different types of calls. The answers are automatically transferred from the field to the customer database.

As all the sales activities are tracked from a single platform, the performance of your sales team can be monitored instantly.

LeaseFlex enables faster response times for customer inquiries, enhancing customer service quality and satisfaction. It automates sales and marketing activities such as calls, proposals, meeting reports, and official data.

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Challenge: Benefit from the Synergies of the Electronic EcoSystem

How can Leasing Companies Address This Issue?


LeaseFlex enhances the communication lines between your organization and all your internal and external constituencies using the latest web technologies.

To realize targeted business benefits, the Customer and Supplier Portals facilitate harmonizing and synergizing your customer, sales, and supplier relationships.